Meet Us

 We are a mother and daughters; we are sisters and friends.

 Our walks are individual yet together.

 We have different perspectives and voices,

 and yet, we have a common purpose:

 ​to journey toward Jesus and make life all about Him.

 Thanks for joining us on the journey.

We are the Williams’ Women.

We live on a farm (except for Anastasha at GCU & Christianna in Africa!)
We like cows, and we really like calves.
We like chickens (at least, Tosha does!)
We helped start and deeply care about Vanguard Church.
We love God.
We love God’s Word.
We believe God’s Word is true.


I am Tosha, the blessed mom of these four girls (and one boy!) and the wife of my college sweetheart, Kelly. I’m a Dallas Theological Seminary grad, a pastor’s wife, the co-founder of Vanguard Church of Colorado Springs, and a piano teacher. is a dream-come-true for me, as my girls and I work together as a family sharing what God is teaching us and inspiring other Journey Girls to follow Him, too! My passion is discipling the next generation, starting with my own kids and helping other families do so, too. Click HERE for



I am Anastasha, and I am a senior at Grand Canyon University. I am majoring in Biblical Studies and am planning on attending seminary after college for a Biblical Counseling degree. I have a heart for children’s and youth ministry, church-planting, discipleship and reading and engaging with Scripture. I am excited to see where God leads and directs me this next year! (You can click HERE or HERE to read the Muses I’ve written, or HERE to read some of the meditations about God’s Word that I’ve written!)


Howdy! I am Christianna. I’m the farm girl of the family, but, since I graduated early from highschool this past December, I’m off to Africa for six months with Experience Mission:  Immersion. (You can click HERE to read more about my Africa mission trip on the Missions page!) I love photography, graphic design and poetry. I look forward to getting to share about the journey that God is taking me on in this season of life!


I am Annalarie.  I love Jesus, and I play volleyball. I like to write, and I’m writing and leading a Bible study for middle school girls at my church right now.


I am Journey Grace, the youngest in my family. My mom told me that her love for the word “journey” began when, during a worship service when she was pregnant with me, God spoke that word to her for my name. So, I guess you could say that my name started it all:  Journey Grace. I’m not old enough to write for quite yet, but I’m really good at writing, so it won’t be long ’til I get to!


  Yes, there are Journey Girls, then there are the guys. We have two honorary Journey Guys in our lives:  Kelly and Joshua. Joshua, a high-school sophomore, is a burgeoning entrepreneur, author, pianist and all-around rock star. And Kelly, husband and father, is the founding, senior pastor of Vanguard Church and the author of Friend of Sinners​.  Journey Girls aren’t the same without the guys in our lives!

We Journey, Girls!

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